Our Services

Professional planning, management and support for all the phases of your building project.

We can provide the services below, among others.

We would be happy to disucss services not listed below as we work closely with a wide variety of consultants on all our projects.

Building Support

  • Project management
  • Tendering, award, invoicing
  • Contract Administration
  • Building supervision and management
  • Property management

Building Planning

  • Residential and Commercial buildings
  • Construction of flats and houses
  • Redevelopment and change of use
  • Remedial maintenance and preservation of historical & listed buildings
  • Garden and landscape planning
  • Location selection and real estate consultancy


  • Project scoping
  • Customised design planning
  • Preparing building applications
  • Project development and coordination
  • Assessing building potential
  • Valuation of developed and undeveloped plots of land
  • Green buildings

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